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CAC MANAGER: Your Complete Management Software

CAC MANAGER  Your Complete Management Software

CAC Manager is an affordable software solution for Child Advocacy Centers. CAC supports small Centers or is scalable to handle thousands of cases per year for larger Centers. Choose the level that is right for you.

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CAC Manager is reliable. Worry free backups, accurate reports, ease of use, and comprehensive support make us your solution of choice.

CAC's Intake module stores all of the information related to a victim. Intake data includes, for example, gender, race, date of birth, biological parents, and other information that is specific to the victim.

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Import your NCA Trak data into CAC Manager.

Easy Navigation

Integrated Modules for Easy and Accurate Data Entry

​Conflict-free Scheduling of Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings

​Accurate Recording of Direct Services and Journal entries

​​​Fully Integrated Email System for Rapid and Accurate Communication

Everything you need to know about a case is presented on one easy to navigate layout. Our intuitive design means that you do not switch screens to get the information you need. 

The Bottom Line...

In addition to managing the day-to-day operation of your Center, CAC Manager creates powerful reports that are required for various funding agencies and Board reporting.Click here to watch us create a VOCA report.

Don't be buried with paperwork. Organize and manage your work to enhance service to your clients.

  • CAC Manager. is a cost effective solution to managing your work. Our goal is to help your Child Advocacy Center  provide service to your clients as efficiently as possible.

  • When you consider the vast amount of information that must be gathered and processed, you will agree with us that CAC Manager is your best option for organizing, communicating, and reporting.

  • CAC Manager maintains records of the Direct Services provided to your clients and their families. Complete complex reports in minutes. 

  • Use the CAC Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) module to avoid scheduling conflicts. Use the CAC Email system to schedule and notify MDT members of upcoming meetings. Document MDT meetings with ease.

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